I’m Soraya and I write sexy books

I live in the sunniest beach city in California, but my tales are a bit dark to be written beach or poolside. When it’s time to write, I kick my man out, draw the curtains, slap on the headphones, and transport myself to a world where there are two moons and no sun. My stories are 100% inspired and driven by their soundtracks (not the other way around). The soundtracks come first, then the stories are created to follow the music, so I encourage you to listen to the playlists as you read.

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Music is my inspiration, and I tend to do things a little backwards. Instead of creating a playlist to accompany the story, I first create the playlist, then I write the story to accompany the music. Each chapter has a song that inspired it and accompanies it, and I recommend listening to the chapter’s song as you read the corresponding chapter.

Queen of the Darkiss Sountrack

To Summon a Vampire Soundtrack

Captive Witch Soundtrack